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Choosing the Best Siding for your Storage Building

When buying a custom storage building you are going to want to make sure you have the perfect type of siding to match your house. Bunce Buildings is proud to offer four types of siding for our customers to choose which building will look best in their yard. Use this helpful guide to learn about our different siding options and the benefits of each.


Wood Siding

Bunce Buildings offers traditional wood storage buildings, and we have two great options for our customers to choose from. Our Wood Buildings come with your Choice of Sherwin Williams WOODSCAPES@ Acrylic Solid Color Exterior Stain standard (or we’ll match your color) on LP T-1-11 buildings


The first option is our 100% Western Fir. This option is a heavy wood siding and is made from– you guessed it– Fir wood. The siding is built to withstand the elements of the outdoors, as long as you keep it painted every 4 years or so.




LP Smart Siding

The next type of wood siding we offer is an LP smart siding, which has a cedar texture and looks very similar to the fir siding. This material is a less expensive option than the fir because it is a more lightweight material (T-1-11). Don’t worry though, this siding comes with a 50 year warranty.


Metal Siding

Metal siding storage buildings are great because they are easy to maintain. When we build a metal building we use a bubble wrap moisture barrier to keep the sweat of the metal from damaging the wooden components of the building. We use metal from Classic Metals out of Lexington to build all of our metal buildings. We also offer 24 colors to choose from and can customize the trim of the building in the colors you choose!






Vinyl Siding

We can also build any building using a vinyl siding, this is a great option for those who need vinyl to match their house. Vinyl is a great material because it does not require much upkeep, other than a hose down occasionally and it looks fantastic! We use Georgia Pacific vinyl siding on our vinyl buildings and offer 7 different color options.  



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