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What to consider before signing for storage: Rent or Own?

What to consider before signing

College is over, and the young ones are now off to save the world with all of the knowledge they have gained during their long stint in Higher Education. Not surprisingly, knowledge is not they only thing they have gained while being away at school. College age men and women accumulate large amounts of their own household items, furniture, clothes, electronics, and even light fixtures, (You’ll see when they call for your “help” packing and cleaning to move out).
Rather than giving all of the furniture away or selling everything on Craigslist, you will likely be looking for a place to store all of the extra stuff as they await the next big transition. When it comes to having too much stuff & not enough storage space, most often you will be deciding between two very different solutions:

1) Renting a Mini-Storage Unit
2) Purchasing or Renting-To-Own a Storage shed

Self-Storage or “Mini-Storage” Units:

Mini storages are popping up all over city and rural areas in North Carolina, and they provide a quick fix for this very common problem. While mini storage is a viable option for people who live in large apartment complexes with little to no yard, it can be risky and expensive over time, and will offer no return on your investment.

Mini Storage:

• Provides a space for the things you own that won’t fit in your apartment
• Is a viable option for non-homeowners who do not intend to live in the same place for more than a year
• Costs month-to-month and often requires lengthy lease agreements which may cost you major $$$ in the long run.
• Can be used to leverage your possessions against you whenever you get behind on payments (They don’t just take your storage unit from you, they will auction off it’s contents!)
• Is located off-site, putting your items farther away from your home, requiring you drive to and from the unit in order to sort through your possessions.


Storage Sheds or Outbuildings:

12x20-a-frame-dbl-end-doors2-300x176 8x10-a-frame-vinyl-w-metal-roof-dbl-side-doors2-300x176 12x20-a-frame-2-windows2-300x175 8x12-Aframe

Storage Sheds come in all shapes and sizes, and can be found outside of homes all across North Carolina. Unlike self-storage units or “mini-storage”, Storage Sheds can be rented or purchased and become permanent additions to your home that add value rather than perpetual monthly payments, but there are also some important things to consider before purchasing a storage shed in North Carolina.
• Does your home have enough usable yard space to place a storage shed on your property?
• Storage sheds can be colored to identically match your home’s paint, but are you planning on painting your home in the near future?
• Rent-to-Own is a viable option, but can be more expensive than financing or outright purchasing of a storage building. (If you can pay cash or finance, then do!)
• Is your Shed Dealer forthcoming about ALL pricing information, including delivery and set-up fees?

Bunce Buildings is a provider of high-quality storage sheds, sunrooms, playground equipment, metal roofing, carports, garages, dog kennels, and many other after-market home products! With 11 locations in North Carolina to serve you, we can help you in making the right choice for your storage needs. If you are curious about pricing options or availability, contact us today by calling our main office in Lexington, NC: 336-243-2382 or toll free at +1-800-736-2382.



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