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Creative Uses for a Bunce Building

Bunce Buildings are so much more than outdoor storage solutions.   Our buildings are affordable, portable and customizable to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Many of our customers have come up with some of the most unique and interesting uses for Bunce Buildings. Here are a few examples. It’s important to always determine permit requirements when considering alternative uses for a Bunce Building.


A few of our customers have used their Bunce Building as an office on their work site or in their back yard.

Pool House

Dive in and add a small shower on the outside of a Bunce Building and it can be a great pool house!


A larger Bunce Building can hold two or three clients for a start-up hair or nail salon. It’s an affordable option for entrepreneur’s just getting their business off the ground.


Lose yourself in a private studio. Whether painting, throwing clay or glass blowing, open up the double doors of a Bunce Building and let your imagination flow into your art work.

Man Cave

Put up a wide screen TV, a Pinball machine or a pool table  and your Bunce Building can become a Rec Room tucked into the back yard away from the hustle and bustle of the work day. They don’t call it a man cave for nothing, right?

Game Room

As the kids get older they want a place of their own to hang out.  Add Wi-Fi, games, snacks and a small fridge and you have a game room for the kids and some quiet time for the adults.

Music Studio

A little bit of lighting, electricity, instruments and a sound board and  you have the makings of a music studio. Bring quiet back into your house.

Living Space

With the right permits, a Bunce Building can become a living space for out of town guests and other visitors. Or if you find yourself in the doghouse, you won’t have to go far.

A Space for Your Collectibles

If you are a collector of fabulous art, knick knacks, historical items or stuff no one else has discovered as collectible, a Bunce Building is a great place to store your collection.

An Add-on Closet

A Bunce Building can become that extra closet space you want for the back bedroom of your house.

Wine Cellar and Tasting Room

All avid wine collectors and tasters appreciate a beautiful temperature-controlled wine cellar. A Bunce Building is the perfect solution if you don’t have the room in your home.

Our customers are always coming up with a new way to use a Bunce Building. If you have a unique use for your Bunce Building please let us know what it is. Send pictures and your story to

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