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4 Simple Steps to Choosing the Right Metal Carport for You!

Choosing a metal carport can be tough, especially if you have no clue what you want or even need. That is why we came up with this helpful guide to help you pick out the perfect carport for your home or business.

Decide What Type of Metal Carport You Want

Do you just need something to keep your car protected from the harsh elements outside? Take a look at our standard carports. Would you like to have it fully enclosed with a roll up door? Learn more about our garage packages. Do you want a metal carport with but also need a place to store your lawn mower? Check out our combo units.

Discuss Installing on Ground or Concrete

After you have decided which type of carport you need, now it is time to decide whether or not you want to install it on the ground or on concrete. If you already have concrete where you want to put the structure that’s great! If you’re thinking about installing your unit directly onto grass or gravel, that is also great, we can do that too and install it with standard rebar anchors. Plus you have the option to add the ground package with auger style mobile home anchors to certify your structure for 35 psf snow rating and 140 mph wind rating.

Know Your Dimensions

When you decide to have a metal carport or garage installed one of the first things you need to think about is how much space you have to work with. Simply use a tape measure and either wooden stakes or driveway chalk to help you visualize where your unit will be placed and measure the width and length. Also be sure to take into account any trees or overhead power lines, etc. that may obstruct or limit the roof of the carport. Our standard leg height is 6 feet with the option to go up to 14 feet high on our standard carports and 16 ft. on RV covers and Commercial Grade buildings, plus the roof height adds another 4 feet or more, depending on the size and roof style of the building. So be sure to plan for the placement of your new carport or garage, etc. in a place with enough height clearance as well as ground clearance. Here is important information if you have decided to have concrete poured, make sure to tell the concrete company the right dimensions. A 24×26 carport only needs a 24×25 concrete slab to be even with the edges of the base rails. This tip will save you money! But make sure not to have them pour too short either.

Choose a Roof Style That Fits Your Needs

We offer three different styles of roofs. Our Vertical style roof will allow your carport to shed ice, snow, water, and debris more easily. The Boxed Eave Style is an A Frame style roof similar to the Vertical style where the panels run horizontally instead of vertically. We also offer a regular style roof that has the original, rounded style with horizontal panels and is the most economical style roof.

how to choose the best carport for you


We have options to fit every customer’s needs. Browse our metal carport site to learn more about how we have an option for every need. You can also stop in or call any of our locations. Use the location finder below to choose the location closest to you.

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