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6 Tips to Organize your Storage Building Quick and Easy!

Bunce Buildings offers great storage buildings for all of your tools and extra items that you don’t have room for in your house or garage. But sometimes even our spacious storage sheds get cluttered and unorganized over years of use. If your building is beginning to get cluttered or you are stressed out by how unorganized it may be, use these 6 tips for quickly and easily organizing your building!

Incorporate Shelving

When you’re limited on floor space in your storage building, the only way to go is up. When you order your storage building make sure to ask about adding lofts, workbenches, or shelves. Not only will you be able to stash more, but visually, it’ll expand the look in your room.











Stash Tools in Boxes and Bins

Whether you are storing pesticides, paint sprays, or even loose tools, think about putting these smaller items in boxes and bins to avoid losing them. While you organize your shed, establish specific bins to keep each item in by labeling them. This will save you time digging around in the future.


Use Organizers

You can use mason jars, cylinder desk organizers, or even make your own wooden box organizers to keep small items in their own place. Put screws, nails, pencils, glue, etc. in these organizers so that you don’t have to search long next time you’re in need of one of these items.

Keep your nails and screws organized by installing organizers into your building.

Install a pegboard system

We have already mentioned considering vertical shelves, but a pegboard system is another great option for hanging gardening, woodworking or construction supplies. This is a perfect place for the tools you find yourself using most often.

Use a pegboard system to better organize the tools you use most frequently.

Organize Your Garden Tools

Are your yard tools like rakes, shovels, and pitchforks always taking up too much space and falling down? Keep them organized and upright by simply carving divots into a long plank of wood and screw it into the wall for a quick DIY tool rack. Click here for a project guide from Stanley tools.


Keep Hoses and Cords Off the Floor

Hoses and cords take up a bunch of floor space, and can cause safety risks if left laying around. Use hanging hooks to hold these items so that they are easy to get to, and free up valuable storage space on the floor.


Storage Buildings are great for freeing up space but often encounter area constraints of their own. If you utilize these six organization hacks, you’ll not only declutter, but you will sort and free up free storage space in no time.

What are some of your space saving tips? Share your stories and ideas with us in the comments below!

Did you know we buy back buildings? Well, now you do. If your building just isn’t big enough anymore and you are trying to figure out where to put all of your excess stuff, reach out to us and learn about how we can help by buying your old building so that you can buy a bigger one. Stop by or call any of our locations to figure out an option that works best for you!

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